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Summer Camp 2019 Program Info

Has your child ever wondered what plants are safe to eat and how to tell? Are they interested in learning about local medicinal plants and how to utilize them? Can they find their way using a compass and a map? Do they love creating and working on craft projects? Do they love animals and nature already and you are looking for a way to help them deepen their connection to the natural world around them?

Children will explore the river, marsh, and coastal forest environment with the insightful guidance of our facilitators. Through stories, conversations, exploring field guides and other resources, children will be guided to follow their curiosity to discover answers to some of the most fascinating nature mysteries. Through games, independent play, and community, they will deepen their connection to the natural world, themselves and each other. In addition to utilizing the amazing resources of the natural world, we will also have fun with nature-themed arts and crafts using natural materials.

Each day of our camp will have a different theme and focus. Children will take home crafts, herbal extracts, and their very own nature journal!

Join us June 17th -21st at Carolina Beach State Park. Drop off is between 8 and 8:30 and pick up is between 2 and 2:15. There is limited transportation available from Wilmington with prior arrangement. Register at

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