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Botany Everyday for the Whole Family

Plants are all around us. Poisonous hemlock grows adjacent to healing elderberry. Edible mint and mustard family plants grow up among the grass of our yards. Imagine if you could identify a plant based on its family characteristics, instead of learning each plant species by species! This is the premise behind Botany in a Day by Thomas Elpel. With this knowledge, the (sometimes) overwhelming world of flora becomes a welcoming friend and resource. Explore this new world with a community of fellow enthusiasts on local plant walks guided by Kathryn Waple.

Botany Everyday is a by-donation online course facilitated by well-known botanist marc williams. The online course runs from roughly late March to December. In conjunction with this online course, Kathryn Waple, Nature Connect NC Co-Director and Owner of Gray Cat Botanicals, will facilitate plant walks for adults and families in the Wilmington area.

Please register at After registering, you will receive information when online courses are posted at After each online class is posted, our local plant walk will be scheduled on either a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning at different locations around the Wilmington area. There will be approximately 8-10 plant walks over the course of the program.

Each walk is by donation with a recommended amount of $15 per family or individual. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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