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Journeys Program

Women in the Woods

Join Three Pines Project for a day of connection, hiking, art, nature journaling and mindfulness with facilitators that meet you where you are and help shift perspectives and deepen your appreciation and confidence in the outdoor world!  Childcare is available for particpants with children ages 5-12 through Wild Earth & Wonder.

Date:  Wednesday - August 7th

Location:  Carolina Beach State Park

Time:  9:00am -2:00pm

Cost:  $65 per person plus $15 for supplies



Skills Covered:

  • Ecological embroidery

  • Nature Journaling techniques

  • Building naturalist knowledge

  • Community building games

Childcare available through Wild Earth and Wonder

  • 8:30-2:30 on Pleasure Island

  • Ages 5-12

  • Nature play with mud kitchen, tree house, water games and bunnies!

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Outdoor Education for Adults

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