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Spring Break 2019 Camp Info

Have you ever been curious where fiddler crabs go when the tide comes in? Why do they have that one big claw? Where does a willet lay its eggs? Are there any edible plants that grow by the ocean? What's the best way to catch bait fish? Why do crabs only move sideways? What left those little trails in the sand from tide pool to tide pool? Why does the tide move in and out and what does the moon have to do with that? What plants grow locally that can be used as food and medicine? What animals live here and how do we know?

These are just some of the mysteries that we might be able to solve at our Spring Break Camp! Children will explore the river, marsh, and coastal forest environment with the insightful guidance of our facilitators. Through stories, conversations, and exploring field guides and other resources, children will be guided to follow their curiosity and discover answers to some of the most fascinating mysteries. Through games, independent play, and community, they will deepen their connection to the natural world, themselves and each other. We will also have fun with nature-themed arts and crafts using natural materials.

Our 2019 Spring Break Camp will be held at Carolina Beach State Park, April 15-19th with dropoff between 8 and 8:30 AM and pickup between 3 and 3:15 PM for ages 5-10. In the event of inclement weather or thunderstorms, we will meet at an alternate location in the park.

Our daily flow follows the natural cycles of energy, focus, and rest. We start our day with opening circle. Opening circle is a sharing of gratitudes that creates a sense of community and belonging. We also have snack during this time and often a storytelling that sets the focus for the day.

An activity, craft or wander follows, depending on the energy of the group. After lunch, there is an opportunity to rest and work on a focus project, engage in free play or explore around our campsite for that day. We end our time together with a closing circle where we share our highlights of the day. You can register for camp at

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