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Fireflies: Spring 2018 - Week 11

What an amazing day! It started out like any other, with gratitudes and a hike. But while we were sitting along the edge of a pond making fairy stick boats, Sadie noticed a bird sitting in a tree on the other side of the pond. While we were watching it, discussing colors, size, shape and what bird it might be, it swooped down, casually plucked something from the water and then settled in a tree right by us to eat!

We waited until the hawk was finished then crept over to see what it had dropped, to see if we could identify what it had caught. It was a baby box turtle! Whoa! We spent almost the whole rest of the time watching the hawk and then when it flew away, we were able to identify it in the field guide - it was a Red Shoulder Hawk. What is different about baby turtles that allows the hawks to eat them?

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