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Gray Squirrels 2017-18: Week 21- Animal Games

Brrr! It does not feel like Spring! On the bright side, we had so much fun making a fire and shelters in wet conditions, the weather just makes things interesting!

It was just cold and wet enough to really appreciate having a tarp shelter and fire, and warm enough that we (Ms. Devin and Ms. Kathryn) let the Gray Squirrels work with making fire in wet conditions and explore setting up camp when conditions are a little more challenging. We got a fire going that kept us warm and the shelter gave us a refuge from the rain. The rain was intermittent throughout the morning and it was nice to play outside in itand have a warmer and drier place to warm up.

After we set up camp we had opening circle and snack, there was room for everyone. After snack the rain eased and we played a new game - Bear! Salmon! Mosquito! Think of rock, paper scissors, but with running and acting like animals. What North Carolina animals would you pick to fill the same roles?

We gathered together for lunch and afterwords some of us worked on Chipmunk Village, some of us climbed trees and some of us worked on the lean-to we have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Its not finished yet, but it was fun to see it starting to look like our vision!

Our last activity of the day involved our nature names, storytelling and improvisation. We started with an amazing conversation about our nature name animals. Where do they live? What do they eat? Who eats them? What would they do if they saw their predator? After we had talked about each animal, we spread out in the Cedar Thicket and improvised what our animals would do and how they would interact with other animals. We had SO much fun. We can wait to try this one out agin.

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