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Fireflies 2018: Week 10 - Sparks and Tunnels!

Two of our friends received super cool survival bracelets for Christmas and Sadie brought hers to program and we all got to practice making a spark with her flint and steel striker! Thank you for sharing with everyone, Sadie! Almost all of us were able to make a spark! (No fires!)

So. Much. Pollen!

Look! A venus flytrap!

Our intern, Hailey, was able to tell us what these mysterious boards are, scattered through the park - snake homes! Native pygmy rattlesnakes and copperheads use these boards to nest under. We were so glad that we didn't disturb them when we didn't know what they were. We reviewed snake safety. We are going to keep our senses especially alert for snakes as the weather warms up.

Kira is not sure about the grub Ms. Kathryn found on a rotting piece of wood.

Jackson loves exploring pathways through the tangly undergrowth and sticker-briers. He does an excellent job of finding a path and making sure everyone can make it though!

"I can see you!"

We are having so much fun each week! We are moving our bodies and exploring with out minds. We can't wait to see what spring brings to the park!

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