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Fireflies Spring 2018: Week 7 - Story Compass Hunt

The land feels so different when it is as windy and blustery as it was today. Sounds are different, the trees look different and even the smells are changed by the wind.

We made sure to look up frequently to keep an eye out for dead branches that might break loose- deadfalls.

We also had to keep an eye out for something else - clues! The Wood Gnomes left another adventure for us and this one was particularly challenging. The Wind played a trick on the Wood Gnomes and took one of their stories and scattered it all over Halyburton Park!

Using the compasses, we had to find each piece of the story and then figure out the correct order. Reading a compass is hard, but we worked together and found all the pieces of the story.

We enjoyed hearing our friends read each piece of the story, and helped them out when they got stuck on a tough word. We figured it out before too long and got to read the whole story of how Coyote Saved Buffalo from a Hideous Monster.

After we finished our story scavenger hunt, we enjoyed some of our favorite games and made it back to pick up before the rain started. It was a good week!

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