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Herons 2017-18: Week 14 - Pond Adventures!

Today was such a gorgeous day, perhaps the most beautiful weather we've seen all semester! After opening circle, we split into our clans to do a wander. But early into our wander, the two clans ran into one another and were so excited by the surprise that the heron's all played together in the sun!

The weather, being as gorgeous as it was- allowed us to free play around the pond and check out the wonders that area of the woods has to offer!

Jack found a slug friend and took care of him, providing water and much needed soil for it to spend the day with the group!

Tristan testing the waters and using his walking stick to see how deep the water is.

The herons had a great time visiting the pond and can't wait for the rest of the excitement that this nice weather has in store!

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