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Bobcats and Tadpoles 2018: Week 5 - Acorns and Woodwork

It was so warm today that we didn't even need a fire! We did get to revisit some old projects and play some new games!

Last semester we spent almost a whole day collecting acorns. Today we started the large task of shelling the acorns. After we shell them, Ms. Kathryn is going to leach the tannins out and we are going to experiment with a few different acorn recipes!

Last week we collected some yaupon branches that were remarkably straight. Below, Malena is helping Ms. Kathryn use the hacksaw to cut them into appropriate lengths for Friction Fire kits.

Malena was interested in making a fire, so Ms. Kathryn set her to a "Fire-Making Challenge." She was off to a good start, but then realized that the foundation for a good fire, are also the foundations for a good fairy house (and not to be used interchangeably :) The fairies and Malena both enjoyed the turn of events in the challenge.

We had a nice walk and got to meet some new plants growing up! Next week we are going to see about identifying our new plant friends and continue processing the acorns.

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