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Fireflies- Spring 2018: Week 1

Half of the group started the program hiking down the trails with Sierra leaving arrows for the rest of the group with Kathryn and Brinkley to follow. Not only did the arrows, help the second group was able to find the first group by following their ears! We caught up quickly following a shortcut Sadie knew!

Mason, Jackson, Jack, and Sierra found a decent spot on the trail to spread out for "Fire in the Forest." Mason and Sadie helped explain the game to their new friends and we soon got started.

The rest of the group found us and after a few more rounds of "Fire in the Forest," we hiked down to the sand pit and played "Eagle Eye" with Brinkley.

After playing "Eagle Eye" and hanging around the pond for awhile, we were lead by a few of the children to the Tipi they built weeks ago. It was still standing! Some of the wall had fallen in, but it was easy to replace the broken branches.

Jackson found this cool rock! What was a painted rock doing in the woods?

To end the program we crawled through tight spaces, found a tiny spider, and made music on decaying logs. We had a really nice closing circle!

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