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Gray Squirrels 2017-18: Week 10 - Welcome Back and Welcome Ms. Devin!

We began the day with a warm fire and sharing gratitudes with one another. We also welcomed Ms. Devin to the Nature Connect NC Facilitation Team!

This week we were happy to reconnect with our fellow Gray Squirrels in our first week back! As part of our “welcome back” celebrations, we re-visited our community agreements and discussed hazards that we may encounter during our programs. In addition to listing what hazards we needed to be aware of this time of year, we also had a lively conversation about how to stay safe.

While Ms. Kathryn took some of the group out on a wander and hazard scavenger hunt, the other group played a cooperative game that centered around building a community for squirrels and chipmunks!

We had a great time working together to have imaginary shops, restaurants, and houses with Ms. Devin and Ms. Brinkley.

"How much for a chocolate pie s'more?"

"That'll be 5 pine needles!

After a story from Ms. Brinkley, we separated for a sit spot to see what kind of nature noises we could identify while sitting quietly. The day ended with free play, gratitudes and a song!

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