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Fireflies Fall 2017: Week 10 - Deer Bounding & Closing Celebration

Today was a gorgeous day for our last fall program. Ms. Kathryn joined us, who will be taking over the program during Ms. Britt's maternity leave in the spring. The kids were excited to meet her, and wanted to start the day off showing her the teepee shelter in the pine forest they have worked so hard on this semester. Next, they led the way to the sand pit, and we played a few rounds of "Wildlife is Watching" along the way. Finally, we had a "Deer Bounding Challenge" which was lots of fun for all. To play this game, we start with just one backpack that everyone takes turns leaping over, and continue to add more backpacks after each round, making the pile higher and higher.

After this challenge, it was time to meet up with parents and siblings for our closing celebration. We took this time to express gratitudes for each other, and share our favorite games and activities from the semester. We can't wait to start back up in January!

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