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Herons 2017-18: Week 2 - Forts & Eagle Eye

Opening Circle

Brrr! It's starting to feel like Fall in the woods!

At Opening Circle today we welcomed some new friends to the Heron Tribe! We shared gratitudes, reviewed agreements and celebrated as our new friends picked Nature Names.

Morning Games and Wander

While some of us enjoyed a snack, we were entertained by our less-hungry friends to a rousing round of Animal Charades! Just like the game sounds, one of us would act out an animal and the rest of us would guess what it was. We were visited by Striped Skunk, Red-Shoulder Hawk, Green Anole, Worm, "Fuzzy Tail" Squirrel and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Next, we played a hiding/camouflage game called "Eagle Eye" where participants hide off the trail in places where they can always see the "looker" but the looker can't see them.

Free Play & Fort Building

We wandered to a new location by the pond, that has yet to be named. Along the way we practiced looking back when we take turns in the trail to always remember which way we came from. When we got to the edge of the pond, some of our returning participants saw the fort they had started building at the end of program las spring! It was still standing! The rest of the morning was spent fixing up the fort and exploring along the creek, catching frogs and climbing trees.

Clan Wander & Swamp Exploration

After lunch we split up into our clans. The Sycamore Clan headed over to the swamp and explored along the creek, crossing fallen tree bridges and experimenting with making a dam in the stream. While we were working, we noticed some people moving through the trees - it was Maple Clan trying to sneak up on us! We decided to pretend to ignore them and try to notice who from the other clan was the most visible. After they caught up to us we had a good conversation about how they found us, what we noticed, and what would help us to be more aware next time.

Sit Spot & Closing Circle

Now that our clans were reunited, we all spread out along the swamp creek and shared a sit spot. When we came back together we shared things we saw and heard from our sit spots, highlights of our day, and sang a song before parting ways until next week.

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