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What is Nature Mentoring?
What is Ecotherapy?

Nature mentoring is perfect for new or returning Nature Connect participants who are eager for more focused study with one or more particular skill. This includes plant and animal study, animal tracking, bird language, music, storytelling, fire by friction, carving, basketweaving, and other primitive skills and crafts. The one-on-one facilitation style offers the unique opportunity to fully follow the curiosities of the individual child.

Connection with the earth and self is at the core of ecotherapy. It is ideal for children struggling with a broad spectrum of issues including social, behavioral, mood, and attention disorders. Low-structured time spent in nature improves mental health and emotional regulation, not only for those with specific issues, but for children as a whole (Gill, T., 2014).  Participants interested in ecotherapy will have access to all of the benefits of nature mentoring, with an emphasis on relaxation techniques, and self reflection. Sessions will be individualized based on specific needs and goals.

Summer 2022 Details

All ages

Cost: $100 per 2 hour session

Locations: Abbey Nature Preserve, Halyburton Park, or Carolina Beach State Park


1:1 programs are facilitated by Britt Carpenter, a Wilmington native who spent her childhood exploring the woods close to her home. She was raised to love and respect nature, which has influenced her active, outdoor lifestyle as an adult. She is eager to pass along her love of nature to future generations, and is a firm believer in its healing powers. Britt has also facilitated Nature Connect’s homeschool, preschool, and after school programs.

Minimum of 4 sessions required. Weekly or biweekly available. Time slots must be booked with at least one week notice.


Gill, T., (2014). The benefits of children's engagement with nature: A systematic literature review. Children, Youth and Environments, 24(2), 10-34.

1:1 Nature Mentoring & Ecotherapy

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