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Herons: 2017-2018: Week 20- Creek Jumping, Snakes and Spring Plants!

What a beautiful, life-filled day! We spent the day at the swamp and saw so MUCH life! There are beautiful spring medicinal plants growing up intermixed with one of best teachers - Poison Ivy, so we had to be very mindful of where we put our bodies and our items down.

We started the day at Opening Circle sharing gratitudes and reading a passage from What the Robin Knows by Jon Young. The passage talks about the companion calls you can here rather easily between a pair of mated cardinals and how important that constant communication is to their pair bond.

After snack, we wandered to the pond and had a lovely morning building fairy boats, meeting new plants and wildlife and exploring body movement. You can check out some awesome slow-mo videos of our participants jumping across the creek on our Instagram page @natureconnectnc.

For the first time this Spring, it was too buggy to eat lunch in the swamp so we headed back to opening circle to relax and share some truly terribly puns during lunch. Some just weren't very "punny'.

We split up into two groups after lunch. Those of us who had finished our boats and tested them played moment and awareness games with Ms. Devin in the Sandpit. The other group headed back to the swamp to finish their boats and give them a test float. No one sank!

As we were getting ready to leave the swamp we saw this beautiful snake! It wasn't in our quick reference guide, but we were fairly certain it is not venomous, can you tell why? We respect all life, and considering that anything with a mouth can bite, we tried not to disturb the snake and watched from a respectful.

We closed the day with our shared stories and highlights.

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