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Herons 2017-2018: Week 19 - Animal Forms and Movement

We had such a fun surprise when we arrived at pickup this week! There is a new sign at the entrance to the Preserve and among the list of guidelines, it says "No Campfires" and then in small print "Except for Nature Connect Class"! The kids were so thrilled! We only work with fire in a specific location that is not located on the land trust and in a specific way.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive this morning, some of us decided to play one of our new favorite games, "Stick Toss".

When we arrived at Opening Circle, we noticed that a tree outside four circle that had been leaning precariously had finally fallen over in the windstorm. What fun we had climbing on it and exploring the rotten trunk!

Along the way, we decided to play a quick game of "Fire in the Forest"

On our wander, we revisited a plant that we have seen several times throughout the winter, but that is growing in bigger and bigger clumps -Usnea! Do you know how it supports human health?

We wandered our way to the Pine Forest and had a lovely afternoon in the warm sunshine. Some of us practiced building Fire Structures while the rest of us had races in different animal forms. We tried to move as quickly as we could down the path as rabbits, worms, egrets and coyotes!

It was so nice to explore the woods as it is warming up and experience the area in a different way. We are looking forward to seeing how the Forest changes as it wakes up this spring!

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