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Gray Squirrels 2017-2018: Week 20 - Boats and Spiders

Our backpacks felt so light without all of our cold weather gear in them! The overcast day turned sunny and almost downright hot! It was good that we spent the day exploring by the Frog Pond.

On our walk into opening circle, Ava and Maebel noticed a strange kind of web or cocoon. When we got closer it looked almost like the caterpillars we could see inside were dancing!

We noticed when we got to Opening Circle that a falling-down tree in the woods outside our circle, that we had been keeping an eye on had finally fallen down in the storms we had a few weeks ago. We had a great time exploring and climbing!

After snack we played a chaotic game of Predator/Prey. It really got some of us feeling the way a prey animal might!

We wandered to one of our favorite places - The Frog Pond and spent a lovely day exploring, building fairy rafts, nature jewelry, catching frogs and working on building shelters.

After testing to see if the boat floated, West helped clean up the pond by picking up that piece of water bottle label we found in the water.

Declan found some cool cypress seeds! They had a really interesting smell - almost good and fresh like a cypress tree, but just a little bit off like it was starting to decompose.

Owen testing a boat.

Declan found a spider that was so good at camouflage that when he would move to look at it, the spider would move to not be seen!

Jensen testing out the boat she and Ms. Britt made.

Both boats floated!

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