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Herons 2017-2018: Week 17 - Bringing Our Skills Together

This week we brought all of our mapping skills we cultivated in the past two weeks in an exciting challenge. Splitting into our clans, the wood gnomes had offered us a sweet treat to hide somewhere on the property for the other group! We were asked to bring in the three mapping skills we have worked to learn: maps, compass directions, and "song line" in order to guide our friends in the other clan to the treasure!

Each group had an interesting way to guide each clan through the woods! Unique challenges arose along the way, and the clan had to work as a team to respond to them.

The surprise treat at the end was the gnomes favorite treat, honey sticks!

The clans found each other in a large meadow, where, weeks previously we had played in a huge mud puddle! We were surprised to see how green and dry the area was. Here, we played a stick game, the goal of which was to hit your partners stick with increasing speed and accuracy. We enjoyed playing with one another after a day of adventure.

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