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Bobcats and Tadpoles Spring 2018 - Week 9- Botany and Shelter Building

We had a small group today, and we had a great time enjoying the chilly weather! We started the day off with a warm fire and a new book - Shantey's Quest by Thomas Elpel. This beautifully illustrated book is an excellent introduction to plant identification using the Patterns Method.

We are still working on processing the acorns we harvested last fall, and made good progress today! They did have a tendency to jump out of the mortar and Malena had a lot of fun trying to guess which ones had acorn weevils in them.

Learning how to use tools safety is a priority at Nature Connect. We took advantage of the cold weather to learn how to use a hacksaw to trim cedar branches to the appropriate size to fit in our fire pan. It took teamwork, but Malena was getting the hang of it.

After lunch we enjoy some pine needle tea, read some more of our book and then started working on a shelter.

We put up pine needles because Malena wanted to see what it would look like at the end. We decided that if the pine needles could come down on the inside, that we probably needed more branches to support them!

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