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Gray Squirrels 2017-2018: Week 17 - Mapping Challenge

Those pesky Wood Gnomes were back with another challenge! This one had a sweet reward at the end, but there was a catch - they needed our help to plan the adventure!

Each clan had to use all of the mapping skills we have been working on - songlines, compass bearings and picture maps to create a scavenger hunt for the other clan.

This was an edge activity for everyone, meaning that their focus, knowledge and creativity were stretched, but they worked together as a team, each individual contributing their strengths to create an exciting plan for the other clan to follow.

Some people were really excited about using the compass to take trail bearings, while others were more comfortable using their imaginations to describe the landscape in creative and distinctive ways. The prize for both groups at the end was some of the wood gnomes favorite food - honey!

Along the way we found some Mayapple blooming. This plant doesn't usually bloom until mid-April!

Walking back to pickup enjoying the fruits of an exciting adventure!

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