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Fireflies Spring 2018: Week 8 - Mapping Challenge, Boat Races and Stick Games

Its amazing how much fun and exploration we can pack into two hours at the after school program! This week we used all of the mapping skills we have been playing with to create scavenger hunts! We split up into two groups and led each other on a wander through the park.

We used compass bearings, riddles, songlines and pictures to guide each other. It was amazing how much we have learned in just three weeks!

We still had some time after designing and following the scavenger hunts, so we went to one of our favorite places- the Boat Pond! Everyone spent some time building boats and then we put them all in the pond to see which ones would float the best! Sadie had a good view from her perch in an old cypress on the edge of the pond.

While the boat building was going on Ms. Kathryn led some of the group in one-on-one stick games. The Fireflies love everything to do with sticks, from building shelters to using them as tools. One tool that a stick resembles is a staff or striking tool, like a sword. Instead of stifling that innate curiosity of hitting things, we try to channel it in a healthy, safe way. The Stick Game encourages hand-eye coordination, cooperation with your partner and accuracy. The object of the game is to start out making slow contact and see how quickly - but not how hard- each team can make contact in a specific pattern. No trees (or people) are harmed and the challenge is appreciated. It's harder than it looks!

We ended the day with Cooper showing us a shelter he had built, based on the one we made last semester. He is getting pretty good at it!

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