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Bobcats and Tadpoles 2018: Week 7 - Potato Bugs and Bones

Even though the weather was brisk and damp, we managed to stay warm exploring, wandering and climbing.

Some of the plants and animals also seemed confused! We found April-Blooming plants with buds on them and our second salamander in two days.

We started off the day with a challenge from the Wood Gnomes. They left directions based on the compass for the Bobcats to lead the group to a special plant.

The teens learned how to read bearings on a compass and then successfully led the group to a sunny spot on the land where 3 medicinal plants all grow together. We enjoyed some time with the plant sketching it into our journals and exploring the field guide to identify it.

Along the way, we also got to enjoy one of the first spring edibles!

We took a long, meandering wander back towards opening circle. We learned the safe way to roll logs to look under them and found rolly-pollies (potato bugs) and a very active salamander. The potato bugs are really good teachers of patience. When one rolls up, it takes some time of being still and calm for it to trust you enough to open up again.

Our last discovery of the day happened when we came across some interesting bones, all by themselves. Who was it? What happened to them? Where is the rest of them? We had some good guesses about all of those questions. What do you think?

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