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Gray Squirrels 2017-2018: Week 16 -Salamanders and Compass Explorations

It was nice to have a return to weather that felt a little bit more like March! The air was crisp and clear, small plants were budding, but not quite out yet and when we arrived at opening circle, there was another note from the Wood Gnomes!

We also had another visitor - one of the first salamanders of the season. Jay has a special relationship with all animals that live in the ground and in the wet, muddy places and he has learned a great deal about how to take care of them. One of the most important things he has learned is that if the creature you are holding lives in a dark, damp place, like under a log or in the earth, you must first make sure you hands are dirty before picking them up! Can you think of why this would be important?

The challenge from the Wood Gnomes was a little more complicated today. Using compasses, we followed a trail of Pine Tree facts and blue gems to a beautiful sunny spot to have lunch. The Wood Gnomes said this was practice for an adventure next week, and we can't wait to see what it is!

The compasses were tricky! It was fun to explore how the needle always points in the right direction, no matter where our bodies are. We are going to continue working with compasses, directions and orienteering throughout the rest of the semester.

After lunch we had fun exploring on the way back. We found some beautiful, sweet smelling flowers and some great climbing trees!

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