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Herons 2017-2018: Week 15 - Quest from the Wood Gnomes

As we arrived to opening circle, we noticed a small bottle with a message inside. After sharing gratitudes, we opened the letter to find a quest from the wood gnomes, with the promise of a treasure that would reveal our nature super powers at the end of it.

We followed the song line instructions, and along the way saw a snake sitting on a small tree branch. After consulting our field guide, we believe the snake to be an eastern hognose. This little friend was not poisonous, but allowed us to discuss snake safety protocol as the weather gets warmer and more creatures come out.

Our quest challenged us to follow the clues laid out by the forest gnomes, and orient ourselves by the compass directions. The gnomes lead us to frog pond, and a small stone that would allow us to discover our nature power. Some of the powers we discovered were the ability to hear birds clearly, and the ability to take care of trees.

Frog pond was filled with so many opportunities to explore! We practiced catching frogs and being gentle with them, as they are very fragile.

After lunch, we split into our clans to write a song line quest for each other. At closing circle, we shared our nature powers and drew a map of our day. On our map, we labeled where our highlight took place. We can't wait to explore more in the coming weeks!

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