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Gray Squirrels 2017-2018: Week 15 - Forest Gnome Scavenger Hunt and Frog Pond Explorations

We started out the day with gratitudes and a surprise! A mysterious Wood Gnome had visited our circle and left us a scavenger hunt! We had a wonderful time figuring out the descriptive clues and finding the treasure! We ended up at the Frog Pond and had a magical afternoon.

We took turns with the treasure - A magic stone that revealed our Nature Super Power! Some of us could hear the birds better, someone else would use their power to help foxes and someone else could use their power to hear the voices of the plants and trees!

We were so grateful to the gnomes that we made them gifts.

We spent a warm afternoon telling stories and exploring the area, we even found old Beaver Sign!

At our closing circle we closed how we always do, with a Highlight of the Day. This time, however, we made a map of where we had been and filled in where our highlights had taken place!

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