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Fireflies Spring 2018 - Week 6 - Wood Gnomes and Turtles

What a gorgeous day! The sun was warm and shining, the birds were singing and baby turtles were out!

After our opening circle, we headed out on a wander and didn't get very far before finding a mysterious bottle with a message inside! It was from the Wood Gnomes and had a songline for us to follow to a treasure! The treasure would help us to discover what our Nature Super Power is.

We had a few turnarounds, but Cooper found the treasure and was the first to sit quietly with it to discover what his nature super power is.

He went a little ways off to a clearing and sat down, still and calm. He sat for a few moments before exclaiming "Hey! There is a baby turtle here!" We all got to take turns getting to know what we think was a baby yellow-bellied slider. Cooper discovered that his nature super power is protection and that is why the turtle felt safe enough to be found by him.

After spending a good bit of time with the turtle, we put them back exactly where we found it. We talked about how important it is not to move turtles around. They have a very small, defined territory and will often die if they are removed from it.

After thanking the turtle and saying goodbye, we wandered and played a few rounds of Eagle Eye and Cougar Stalks Deer. Both games help to hone our awareness and ability to move through the forest quietly - both needed to spot turtles!

We finished up the day at the Boat Pond, Sadie brought a boat she made at home to test its float-ability. We had a lovely time trying different designs, climbing trees and sharing stories.

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