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Bobcats and Tadpoles Spring 2018: Week 6 - Wood Gnome Scavenger Hunt and Plant Explorations

It was so nice to have some friends join us today! The Tadpoles were feeling a little mischievous, so instead of waiting for the teens to arrive, they wanted to leave a trail of magic beans to lead them into the forest! Then they hid until the teens and their parents got close enough and we all learned a little about the gift of awareness. The Gift of Awareness is the idea that we never want to scare someone or "get" them, we want to help them learn how to be more in touch with their senses.

When we got to opening circle, there was a surprise for us! The Tadpoles weren't the only ones feeling mischievous, a Wood Gnome had left a scavenger hunt for us with a treasure at the end! Not only did we get to explore a new place in the woods, but the treasure revealed to each of us what our Nature Super Power is.

We also had fun with the discovery scope, the Tadpoles are getting more adept at using it!

The Bobcats (Teens) had their own challenge - given only the description of the plant, they went on their own scavenger hunt to identify the plant. Once they found it they wrote a songline of how to get there, drew a picture of the plant and then came back to camp. Once at camp, they confirmed their positive identification and filled in more information about the plant in their journals.

The woods are really coming alive, even though it is only February and we are so excited for all of our plant and animal friends to wake up!

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