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Fireflies Spring 2018: Week 5 - Boat Floats and Games

The fireflies were so excited to be outside in such wonderful weather! After opening circle and sharing gratitudes, we wandered into the park, and stopped at a small pond we found along the way. There we practiced our boat building skills. We found that, given the right shaped leaf, our boats would travel just like a real sailboat!

We had a great time testing out different methods of boat building, and tried out different ways of keeping them in our area of the pond!

On our wander into the park, we found an interesting tree that was great for climbing! One thing we noticed about this tree is that different parts of it made different noises, and we had a great time playing different rhythms.

After our adventure at the pond, we had time to play some of our favorite games like: fire in the forest, eagle eye and raccoon steals donut. All of these games test our skills in running, hiding, and sneaking. It was a gorgeous day to be outside!

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