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Herons 2017-18: Week 13 - Friction Fire and Capture the Flag

Today was a little chillier, so after opening circle, we worked on a friction fire challenge to aid in the start of the fire, while some of us revisited our fort building skills or played a round of stick toss.

Today we split into our clans, and the cypress clan wandered towards the swamp and discovered many of the different paths that can be taken to cross the watery area! The cypress clan was particularly excited to explore some of the more hilly areas surrounding the swamp, and how the water flow had changed from our previous visit.

After the cypress clan returned, the two clans shared lunch together and completed the day with one of our favorite games, capture the flag. As we continue to play this game, we've noticed how our strategies and hiding places for our flags have evolved. We are excited to continue cultivating our sneaking, hiding, and strategic skills to continue to see how the game takes shape!

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