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Bobcats and Tadpoles 2017-18: Week 4 - Plant Meditation and Combining Forces!

Our teens (Bobcats) and our preschoolers (Tadpoles) have so many things in common, we are trying something new and combining programs! We had a wonderful first day with lots of laughs, focused work and silly play. Everyone in both of these groups are very much into crafts and projects.

We started the day with with a plant-focused wander and explored different ways of getting to know a plant. Before we even opened our journals or field guides, we sat quietly and observed the plant.

Our next step was to draw the plant and finally we began flipping through field guides to see if we could find any matches. We noted the locations of the plants in our journal, so we can revisit them throughout the semester and properly identify them when they flower. We also began to learn the names of the parts of the flowers and the importance of proper identification.

On our wander, we also found some scat in an interesting place- right on top of a log! After we noticed all we could from the outside, we used two sticks to carefully pick it apart (Don't flick scat!)

We had fun playing some games along the trail, this deer wallow made a great place to play a falling down game!

After lunch we set up camp in the Cedar thicket and the Tadpoles free-played and helped the Bobcats with the projects they are working on from last week.

Ashlyn is working on a wooden spoon. Alyna is finishing up a bow drill.

We finished our day with a closing circle and our highlights. Next week we will continue working on projects we have started as well as introducing new skills we can work on as a group.

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