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Herons 2017-18: Week 12 - Community Compass

What a beautiful day! The air warmed up quickly and even though there was frost on the ground when we got to the woods, we were almost hot at lunch time. We started off our day with gratitudes and a welcome to the land.

As part of our exploration of this place, we introduced an activity called Community Compass. Each person selects a piece of paper that has a direction and an association.

As a group we tried to orient ourselves in a circle based on the direction we had. After we thought w had it, we checked with a compass. The sun does rise in an easterly direction, but not true east this time of year! Fascinating! We used our directions to organize our circle throughout the day and it was so much fun to see how the direction is always the same, even if we are in a different place in the woods.

The challenge for the day and the take-home challenge is to explore the direction or aspect that each person picked.

Northeast - Cyrus

East, Hazards - Grace

Southeast - Harper

South - Devin

Southwest, Plants - Kathryn

West - Katie

Northwest - Veronica

North - Jack

On our wander we took a break to play Stick-Toss. This game explores hand eye coordination and non-verbal communication.

Check out these trees!

What tree did this nut come from? Who has been eating it? Why did they leave it on the path, half chewed?

Hmmmm, I wonder how deep the millpond is?

On our wander, after we played Wildlife is Watching, we found this awesome pond!

After some tentative exploration we decided to go full in!


Some of the things we talked about on the walk back were: Why wasn't this pond here the last time we came to this place? Would it still be here next week? Is this why there weren't as many animal tracks in the swamp?

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