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Herons 2017-18: Week 11 - Capture the Flag!

Our second week was a bit of a chilly one! This week we worked as a community to build a fire in the fire pan and experimented with shelter building techniques. Before opening circle and gratitudes, we had free play and some of us worked on expanding a shelter that our friends in the Tuesday group had begun.

Jack standing next to the shelter additions.

After sharing our gratitudes and having snack, we played one of our favorite games- Ninja! We flexed our story telling muscles and told a story together, each person sharing a line or a detail that the next would build upon.

During capture the flag, we practiced how to sneak quietly through the forest so that we might stealthily grab the other teams flag. Capture the flag is also a great opportunity to test different offensive and defensive strategies. We can't wait to play again!

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