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Gray Squirrels 2017-18: Week 11- Storytelling and Shelter Building

The woods come alive the day after a warm rain and we had plenty to explore! After a long wander through some new territory, a few rounds of Wildlife is Watching, a new story telling game and lunch, we had a lovely afternoon improving upon our Squirrel Village from last week.

We saw lots of new life in the form of mushrooms and fungus and plenty of animal sign - in the form of scat!

There was an impending (imaginary) hurricane descending upon Squirrel Village, so we worked together to construct a shelter!

What kind of mushroom is that? Is it a mushroom? What's the difference between a mushroom and a fungus?

Owen and West worked on a new design for the shelter they built last week that fell down. We tested the branch we used to support the shelter before building upon it. Another new tactic was making sure not to use logs that were too big or heavy for the side walls.

Ella Caraway, West and Ms. Kathryn testing the lean-to shelter for waterproofness.

West climbing out of the shelter to report that it is not yet waterproof! Ideas are already flying around for what to do next week to make the shelter more water resistant.

The shelter from the outside.

For the third time, all in different locations, we found piles of these feathers. We have some guesses as to what bird we think they came from, what do you think? The wing feathers were about 8 inches long. That's our Take-Home Challenge for the week!

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