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Bobcats 2017-18: Week 1 - Explorations and Earth Skills

Our teens had a fun day exploring both the woods around camp, identifying animal tracks and sign, whittling, and making tinder bundles for friction fire! Our teens and preschool meet on the same day and share opening and closing circles together. It was chilly this morning, so before opening circle, the teens helped get the fire going by making tinder bundles.

We shared gratitudes and went on a wander. We were on the hunt to find animal track and sign and we sure did! In addition to at least 5 separate types of animal tracks in the swamp, we found one unlucky frog. I'll let them tell you about the scat.

We came back to camp to have lunch by the fire and spent the afternoon practicing our knife skills. After getting comfortable with whittling, our first project will be making our own spoons!

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