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Herons 2017-18: Week 10 - Ice is Nice!

Welcome Back Herons! We had a chilly first day back at program, but got to explore something we don't often get to - ice!

Because of the cold rain that fell the night before, most of the fuel around the woods was wet. Working together to break some bigger logs, we were able to get the fire going.

After opening circle and sharing gratitudes we taught Ms. Brinkley how to play one of our favorite games - Oh! Deer! This activity explores the predator/prey/natural resources relationship on animal populations through a fun and engaging game. After lunch we wandered down to the pond and got to explore the thin film of ice that had formed over night.

On our wander, Ms. Brinkley shared one of her favorite games - Ninja! This exciting and fast paced game is excellent for helping develop awareness and exploring movement.

At the end of the day we shared our highlights as well as an exciting collection of items we found on the wander.

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