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Tadpoles 2017-18: Week 10 - Welcome Ms. Sierra!

Welcome back Tadpoles! We would also like to say "Welcome" to Ms. Sierra who will be joining Ms. Kathryn on Wednesdays. We had so much fun on our first day! Malena helped Ms. Kathryn and Mrs. Brinkely get the fire started and sustained so we could warm up for opening circle. It took teamwork to get the fire going!

After opening circle we searched for fairies, identified a woodpecker, made a fairy house with a slide and a bed. Maleana climbed her favorite fallen tree and pretended a stump was a ship.

We collected nutshells and seeds that we thought birds might eat along our way as we hiked. We discovered little white feathers along the pond's edge following them for a little bit. We role played as a fox and a deer, letting the fox sneak up on a stationary deer, taking turns in different roles. She lead me to a few trees while I was blind-folded. We drew butterflies in the sand with super long antenna.

She didn't always feel comfortable carrying her pack, so I took her water bottle at one point to lighten her load so she could gallop like a deer. We also found some scat, and I shared the "scat song" with her. Maleana found her way back to the campfire all by herself following the smoke as I followed her. After lunch we ended the day with Pine Needle Tea!"

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