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Herons 2017-18: Week 9 - Games & Celebrations

We started our last day of the year with a gratitude circle where we each said something we appreciate about the person sitting to the right of us in the circle. We've had so much fun getting to know each other this semester, and it was very sweet hearing these gratitudes to one another.

Next, Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Britt challenged the kids to get a fire started all on their own! They were allowed to ask for guidance, but had to start the fire completely by their own hands. We had some scrap wood that Tucker's grandfather donated, and this really helped to get things going. Only two matches were needed to get a successful fire burning!

We spent the rest of the day playing some of our favorite Nature Connect games, like capture the flag and fire in the forest.

For the last half hour of the day the families of participants joined us in a gratitude circle where we had each child stand in the middle of the circle while we showered them with appreciation. This was a fun time of sharing each others strengths and telling stories from the semester. We can't wait to see everyone again in January!

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