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Herons 2017-18: Week 8 - Basket Twining & Capture the Flag

Today was a glorious winter day that we started with a "Deer Bounding Challenge" which was lots of fun for all. To play this game, we start with just one backpack that everyone takes turns leaping over, and continue to add more backpacks after each round, making the pile higher and higher, and sometimes longer too.

For the rest of the morning we had lots of different activities going on for our friends to choose from. Some chose to learn how to basket twine with Ms. Britt, and others worked on getting a friction fire started with Ms. Kathryn. A new facilitator, Ms. Devin, joined us today as well, and some of the kids taught her how to play one of our favorite games, "Fire in the Forest". This group also spent time expanding the "Deer Bounding Challenge" into a natural obstacle course. It was a fun, laid back morning with lot of opportunities for friends to filter in and out of the different activities available.

After lunch we had some quiet time to ourselves with a "sit spot" to observe and listen to our natural surroundings. For the remainder of the day we played a few exciting rounds of "Capture the Flag" and had a blast! We made a lot of progress working together on our team and communication skills in order to be successful in both hiding and guarding our own flags, and finding and capturing the other team's flags.

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