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Fireflies Fall 2017: Week 6 - Head Honcho & Fort Building

One of the great things about Nature Connect is that we learn to love the outdoors, no matter the weather. Despite the cold and rainy conditions we experienced today, we had one participant exclaim at the end of program that this was their favorite day yet! The forest is like an entirely different world in the rain, and we have so much fun exploring it. On the way to opening circle, we stopped off to play in a HUGE puddle that had collected in the pathway. We noticed how some spots of the puddle were deeper than others, and how we were able to created ripples and wakes when we ran through it.

Opening Circle & Head Honcho

When we arrived at the Sand Clearing, Mr. John had already set up one tarp shelter for us to use - how kind! It had stopped raining for the time being though, so we stashed our packs under the shelter just in case, and circled up out in the open to share gratitudes. We then played several rounds of the game "Head Honcho" - a fun way to practice using our owl eyes while acting silly.

Tarp Shelters & Free Play

After Head Honcho, some of our friends were interested in building a tarp shelter of their own. Others played hiding games, worked in their nature journals, and/or explored the area to look for bird nests and animal tracks. It was a great day!

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