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Tadpoles 2017-18: Week 3 - Pond Exploration

Opening Circle

On the way to opening circle we made some stops to draw in the sand, observe different types of plants and flowers, and look for animal tracks. Once we arrived, we made sure to look out for poison ivy before setting down our packs - we are getting better at this! It's a tricky protector plant and she loves to grow in many different shapes! We learned about the hairy vine form as well as what to do if we aren't sure - avoid it! Once we were settled into our circle we shared gratitudes, and ate a snack.

Story & Lunch by the Frog Pond

After our opening circle, we headed out on a wander to a different place along the trail - the Frog Pond! We had a great day here playing and exploring! We tried to catch frogs, but the ones that are still around this time of year are faster and more skittish than the frogs in the spring time! We also spent time learning about snails and saw the fastest worm we have ever seen!

We took a break and listened to Ms. Kathryn read "The Day the Sun Was Stolen" by Jamie Olivero before having a nice, relaxing lunch by the pond's edge.

Tree Song & Pond Exploration

After lunch we turned our attention to the trees and noticed, with a song, how some parts of trees look a lot like parts of us! Branches are like our arms, leaves and like our hands, and bark is like our skin.

We spent more time exploring the pond area right up until it was time to hike back for pickup. There were so many critters, we just couldn't get enough! Along with the frogs, snails, and worms, we marveled at spiders, a skink, and even a small fish swimming close to shore. We also had fun balancing on the cypress roots and splashing in the water. We definitely ended the day with wet clothes and feet, but luckily the weather was warm, and it was well worth it.

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