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Tadpoles 2017-18: Week 2 - Pine Forest & Mud Banks

Opening Circle

We had a special guest at opening circle this morning, the owner and caretaker of the land, Mr. Foy! He joined our preschool class while we shared gratitudes and picked a nature name for a new friend. We sang some songs, stretched through a Sun Salutation, and ate a snack to get us ready for the day.

Wander/Mud Banks

While on our wander to the Pine Thicket, we found an awesome place for practicing our climbing skills- steep mud banks with plenty of roots to climb! We practiced testing foot holds before we put our weight on them, and looking out for poison ivy before deciding where to put our hands. Getting down was a little trickier than getting up, but each friend was able to do it on their own with a little guidance!

Pine Forest

We continued our wander until we reached the Pine Thicket, where we played a game of "Run Bunny Run" before heading off trail. After entering the forest, we found a nice little clearing where we set down our packs and spent some time building fairy houses and miniature forts. It was a beautiful day in the forest with dappled sunlight peeking in through the trees. We liked this spot so much we decided to have lunch here as well!

Sit Spot & Turtle Spotting

After lunch we decided we'd like to hike toward the pond and see if we could spot any turtles lounging in the sun. On the way, we stopped off the trail close to the pond and had a "sit spot," a time to sit quietly in nature and take in all of our surroundings. We noticed ripples in the water, bird sounds, a spider, and more! Next, we continued on to the big bridge over the Mill Pond and found just what we were hoping for - a turtle lying on top of a log in the middle of the pond! As we watched, we saw another turtle approach the log and climb up for a rest as well!

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