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Fireflies Fall 2017: Week 3 - Animal Habitats & Exploration

Opening Circle

We started today's opening circle with a new "Circle Song" and each shared something we are grateful. One friend's gratitude for cheetahs, which is considered a "vulnerable" species at high risk of becoming endangered, sparked a discussion about endangered species. We talked about the impacts humans can have on the lives of wild animals, and how being mindful and limiting our environmental impacts can help prevent animals from becoming vulnerable or endangered. This left us feeling very grateful for places like Halyburton Park that have been left wild for animals to use as their habitats.

New Explorations & Games

After opening circle we decided to wander in a direction we hadn't been before and see what we could find. We found a new trail that we explored for a bit, and eventually found a great open place to play some games. We played a few round of "Otter Steals Fish," and then a new game called "Oh, Deer!" This is a fun running and matching game that helps us see life from the perspective of a wild animal, always searching for water, food, and shelter. After all of that running we were ready for a quieter game, and played a few rounds of one of our favorite hiding games, "Eagle Eye." After a little more exploring in this new area, we followed the trail to the sand pit where we had fun sliding in the sand, climbing trees, investigating a dried up pond full of logs (how did those get there?) and even saw a hawk perched in the top of a pine tree! It was a little too far away for us to identify this time, but we're hopeful we will see it again next week!

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