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Stuck at home and looking for a fulfilling learning journey to do either by yourself or with your family?

Join Kathryn Waple for 14 days of activities and journal prompts based on Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery by Jon Young. This class is geared towards adults, but all the activities are great to do as a family. Program starts Monday, March 30th, so sign up today!

During the two weeks of this guided journey, participants will develop routines to experience a deeper connection to the natural world. You can do the whole course from your own home, no matter where you live. Each day will offer an activity, reflection and journal prompt for you to enjoy at your own pace (15-30min/day). Kathryn will offer feedback and personalized guidance throughout the journey. There will also be opportunities to connect through the activities with other participants.

In this program you will:

  • Learn about flora and fauna in your area, including edible and medicinal plants that could be growing in your own backyard

  • Establish simple routines to stay connected to the natural world

  • Strengthen your own naturalist knowledge by acquiring new learning tools

  • Experience how birds are an indicator of movement through a landscape

  • Develop tangible ways to stay centered and grounded, wherever you may be

  • Learn how to move and be in the outdoors, so that you will see more wildlife

The daily activities will be available via a private WhatsApp group (app can be found in phone app store). This course is being offered on a sliding scale of $15-$30. To register, please Venmo your payment to Kathryn Waple at 9086701590 and include your name and phone number in the memo. Kathryn will then add you to the WhatsApp group. Email for more information.

Home Naturalist Study

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