Our homeschool enrichment program for children ages 6-12 is an introduction to the natural world with the opportunity for older students to mentor younger/newer students. Through games, crafts, stories, song and adventure children learn how to take healthy risk in a safe way while developing a deeper connection to themselves, the natural world and their community. Skills introduced include plant identification, animal tracking, shelter building, fire safety (lighting a fire using various methods, fire structure, extinguishing a fire, the responsibility of using fire), bird language, knife safety and woodcarving, storytelling, and hazard awareness. 

Homeschool Mondays:

Old Winter Park

Mondays 9am-2pm 
October 12, 2020-May 10, 2021

See calendar for holidays and breaks

Homeschool Wednesdays:

Carolina Beach State Park

Wednesdays 9am-2pm 

October 14, 2020-May 12, 2020

See calendar for holidays and breaks

Homeschool Thursdays:

Abbey Nature Preserve

Thursdays 9am-2pm

October 15, 2020-May 13, 2021

See calendar for holidays and breaks

Learn more about our registration process here. See tuition and fees here.

Financial aid is available for all homeschool programs. Please register for program before applying for financial aid.

Applications for financial aid are due one month prior to program start date.

What makes us unique?

  • 100% Outdoors - We spend all of our class time outdoors, unless there is severe weather. This means we get dirty and even play in the rain! We love exploring the woods and learning about the beautiful place where we live. Makeup days are offered for inclement weather that requires class cancellation.

  • Small Class Size and Low Teacher to Student Ratio - Our maximum class size is 12 students, and our teacher to student ratio is one:six (or better), which means individual attention and care to each child's needs. ​


  • Highly-Trained Staff who Love what they Do - We hire the highest quality teachers in the area because we know who is with your child is incredibly important. Our teachers are well-trained, trustworthy, and experienced caregivers who love the work they do. Nature Connect provides ongoing staff development and opportunities for continuing education.


  • Room for Creative Play - We believe that children are meant to play and use their imaginations. This is what makes childhood special. Our staff see themselves as facilitators of the children's experience, holding the space for them to explore, learn, and play in the outdoors.

  • Physical Activity - We run, jump, slide, balance, and climb all throughout the day. Nature is the best playground! Children develop their physical capabilities and learn to be resilient in our classes. If the children need rest, we certainly make space for that to happen as well. Whatever the child's energy level, we work with it. 


  • Flexible, Nature-Based, Child-led Curriculum - Our curriculum is focused on our local environment and the plants and animals that live here. If we find a turtle in the woods or stumble upon a mushroom, that becomes our lesson. We believe learning happens the most when children have that "spark" in their eye. While we intentionally plan our days, we are also willing to toss out our "plan" for what we discover in nature. Read more about our curriculum and philosophies here.

  • Inquiry Learning - We love children's innate sense of curiosity and we want to foster that. Therefore, we encourage the children to ask lots of questions. We then discover the answers or have fun wondering together.

2020-21 Homeschool Programs - Ages 6-12

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