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Looking for places to get outdoors and enjoy nature with your family? 
Check out our suggestions below!
New Hanover County

Smith Creek Park Preserve


Beautiful gardens, children's play area, and coy pond where you can feed fish with food from their quarter machine.

Hugh MacRae Park

Piney Ridge Nature Preserve

Located behind Aldermen Elementary. Includes Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden.

Halyburton Park

Halyburton is the location for our preschool programs.

Includes a 1.3 mile hike/bike trail circling the perimeter of the park and natural hiking trails that delve into the heart of the park’s natural areas.

Wade Park

Greenfield Park

Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach State Park is the location for our Wednesday Homeschool and Friday Forest Families programs.

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

Pender County

Abbey Nature Preserve

Abbey Nature Preserve is the location for our Thursday homeschool program.

Local Parks & Trails

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