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April 12, 2018

As we entered the park today, we spent some time by the pond talking to the birds. We practiced our bird calls, and even saw a duck with her ducklings.

 Once we entered the sandy area, we played some of our favorite games including "Fire in the Forest," and a new one called "Bear, Salmon, Mosquito" a group-play on the traditional "Rock, Paper, Scissors." We also investigated the nearby pond and found remnants of the turtle shell we saw a hawk eat from last week! 

 Jack took notes of the discovery in his journal, and his magnifying glass allowed us to get a closer lo...

April 5, 2018

 What an amazing day! It started out like any other, with gratitudes and a hike. But while we were sitting along the edge of a pond making fairy stick boats, Sadie noticed a bird sitting in a tree on the other side of the pond. While we were watching it, discussing colors, size, shape and what bird it might be, it swooped down, casually plucked something from the water and then settled in a tree right by us to eat! 

We waited until the hawk was finished then crept over to see what it had dropped, to see if we could identify what it had caught. I...

March 22, 2018

 Two of our friends received super cool survival bracelets for Christmas and Sadie brought hers to program and we all got to practice making a spark with her flint and steel striker! Thank you for sharing with everyone, Sadie! Almost all of us were able to make a spark! (No fires!) 

So. Much. Pollen! 

Look! A venus flytrap!  

 Our intern, Hailey, was able to tell us what these mysterious boards are, scattered through the park - snake homes! Native pygmy rattlesnakes and copperheads use these boards to nest under. We were so glad that we didn'...

March 16, 2018

Our small group today was excited to build small structures for our fairy gnome friends! Opening circle began in the gazebo meeting area, where we built our first structures. We used pine cones, bark, and pine straw to create interesting structures.

Some of our materials didn't want to be left behind!

As we wandered into the park, we continued building structures. And on the way out, we saw if the particularly blustery day had knocked any of them over! We discovered that most of them withstood the winds! 

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