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Nature-Based Education for All Ages

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A Letter From Brinkley Hutchings, Founder of Nature Connect 

Dear Nature Connect Families,


I’m writing to you with some exciting news about the future of Nature Connect NC! Beginning June 1st this year, our Co-Director Kevina Casaletto, will be carrying on our mission through her new organization, Three Pines Project. I could not be more grateful that Kevina and the Nature Connect team will continue making a big difference in the community through this work. I founded Nature Connect with the hope and intention for it to continue on beyond me, and I can’t imagine a more capable and wonderful leadership team (Kevina, Christy, and Britt) to carry the organization forward into its next chapter. Please join me in offering your full support and encouragement as Nature Connect NC embarks on its new journey as Three Pines Project. 


The Nature Connect NC community will always carry a special place in my heart as I shift my focus to our Alabama chapter. Thank you all for believing in us and being a part of such a special time together. I'll be up there for a visit next week and look forward to seeing everyone at program!


All the best,

Brinkley Hutchings, Founder/Director of Nature Connect


A Letter from Kevina Casaletto, Founder of Three Pines Project

Dear Nature Connect Families,

I am incredibly excited and honored to continue Nature Connect's mission and begin this next chapter as Three Pines Project. I am so thankful to all of the Nature Connect facilitators and staff over the years for guiding and mentoring me. I have learned so much and continue to be inspired every day (a huge reason why I love this work)! Brinkley has taught me so much, and her support and guidance have been invaluable.


I started with Nature Connect in October 2021 and truly found my dream job! With a degree in elementary education from UNCW and a lifelong passion for the outdoors, I couldn't imagine a more perfect career than connecting kids (and grownups) to the world around them!


Nature Connect has such an incredible community! Even though there will be a new owner and name, I am delighted that our signature program, Nature Explorers (homeschool enrichment), will continue on for the 9th year! I couldn't dream up a better admin team than Christy and Britt, and I am lucky to work alongside such inspirational women!


Thank you for all your support, trust, and enthusiasm towards our vision.


With appreciation,

Kevina Casaletto, Co Director of Nature Connect NC, Owner/Director of Three Pines Project

What does this mean for the 2024-25 school year? We will be enrolling for the 2024-25 Nature Explorers program through Three Pines Project. Registration will open on Wednesday, March 20th to currently enrolled families. Enrollment will open to the public on Monday, March 25th. 


What does this mean for this current semester? This current semester of Nature Explorers will continue to run as Nature Connect NC through May 20th. We have exciting plans in store for the next few months! Our students will learn about plant identification with a focus on the herb plantain, and we will practice our knife skills through woodworking. We will also deepen our knowledge about bird identification and compass skills in addition to our nature exploration and play!


What does this mean for Nature Connect NC?

After 8 meaningful years, Nature Connect will be closing its North Carolina chapter at the end of May. Brinkley will continue to run Nature Connect Alabama, which is growing! Nature Connect School in Fairhope, AL offers full time preschool and kindergarten, homeschool classes, family classes and camps. We hope you’ll stay in touch! Learn more about Nature Connect Alabama on social media or

Nature Connect Mission & Vision

The Nature Connect mission is to cultivate curiosity, compassion, and connection with the natural world. In a time where computer and cell phone use is so prevalent, we believe it’s important to get kids unplugged from technology and reconnected with the natural world. 

Studies show that time spent in nature increases attention span, ability to concentrate, self- esteem, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Children who spend more time outdoors and participate in cooperative group activities also have healthier relationships with friends and family.

Our vision is to support children to develop an appreciation for each other and the natural world, so that they grow into dedicated leaders and environmental stewards in their communities.

Our programs include exploring outdoors, animal tracking, plant and animal study, nature & sensory awareness, storytelling, edible & medicinal plants, mentorship, empowerment, primitive skills & crafts, and lots of fun and play!

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